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Offer: Experience the World’s Best Business Class on Qatar Airways from £1,176

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Qatar has some great offers flying from Nordic countries in Business with lots of availability, mostly between January and March 2020. But these are limited offers (no official end date posted), so book quick!

Fancy flying in a Qsuite to Bangkok for £1,176? (Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash)

The Facts

What: Qatar limited-time offers in Business Class from EU Nordic countries to many cities in Asia, Oceania and South Africa.

Offer: It is not a set sale as such but these promo fares offer good value in what has been awarded best Business Class by Skytrax four years running. For context, to fly from London to Bangkok on Qatar in Business you are looking at over £2,000. Some routes allow you to experience Qsuite, which makes a lot of other airlines’ Business cabins look like Premium Economy!

Availability: Lots of dates from now into next year, but the cheapest months are mostly between Jan – Mar 2020. In many cases you must book at least a 5 day trip.

Book By: Unknown

The How

ou will need to book and fly from either Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark (see offers below). You will, therefore, need to position yourself there first, but there should be plenty of cheap flights from the UK. The offer pages with cheapest fares for each country are here: Sweden Offers, Denmark Offers, Norway Offers, Finland Offers.

Maximum Extravagance, Minimum Cost

I have outlined destinations and their cheapest origin that I think represent good value. All prices are for one person return. Note on Qatar they will show in local currencies, please check!

Get a Qsuite

I have also marked those where I could find Qsuite availability in the region of the fares set out below on at least one leg with a green star and a ‘Q‘, plus any restrictions on this. Ideally, you want to sample the best seat Qatar has to offer! When booking, make sure the flight has a grey Q symbol to show you are getting at least one Qsuite on that leg. You can also confirm if the flight will be Qsuite (subject to no changes!) by inputting the date and flight number into Expert Flyer (sign up for free). The seat map should be 1-2-1 and alternating (see below).

If you want to fly Qsuite, make sure the seatmap looks like this! I.e. Seats not in straight lines.

Get a 5-star Stopover

Finally, for maximum value! All routes go through Doha – if you travel in 2019 and choose a stopover for at least 12 hours (use the multi-city search option if you struggle), you get a free visa and can stay in a 5-star hotel for less than £23 a night! See the offer page here: Qater Stopovers.

Flying from: Stockholm, Sweden (Qatar fly QSuite on some flights between Stockholm and Doha)
  • Bangkok, Thailand from £1,176 (14,312 SEK) : Q
  • Phuket, Thailand from £1,165 (14,179 SEK): Q (not flown Doha – Phuket)
  • Manila, Philippines from £1,225 (14,912 SEK): Q (not flown Doha – Manila)
  • Delhi, India from £1,173 (14,270 SEK): Q (not flown Doha – Delhi)
  • Da Nang, Vietnam from £1,472 (17,918 SEK): Q (not flown from Doha – Da Nang)
  • Maldives from £1,964 (23,170 SEK): Q (not flown from Doha – Maldives)
Flying from: Gothenberg, Sweden (Qatar do not fly QSuite between Gothenberg and Doha)
  • Singapore from £1,226 (14,925 SEK): Q (found return Singapore – Doha only)
  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from £1,510 (18,374 SEK)
Flying from: Copenhagen, Denmark (Qatar fly QSuite on some flights between Copenhagen and Doha)
  • Aukland, New Zealand from £2,266 (19,080 DKK): Q
  • Shanghai, China from £1,603 (13,494): Q
Flying from: Oslo, Norway (Qatar do not fly QSuite between Oslo and Doha)
  • Cape Town, South Africa from £1,356 (15,221 NOK)
  • Seoul, South Korea from £1,686 (18,911 NOK)
  • Bali, Indonesia from £1,633 (18,316 NOK)
  • Clark, Philippines from £1,617 (18,145 NOK)
  • Perth, Australia from £1,965 (22,046 NOK)
  • Melbourne, Australia from £2,016 (22,618 NOK)
Flying from: Helsinki, Finland (Qatar do not fly QSuite between Helsinki and Doha)
  • Krabi, Thailand from £1,388 (1,565 EUR)
  • Sydney, Australia from £2,265 (2,554 EUR): Q (found return Sydney – Doha only)

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