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Offer: Lufthansa Group Ex-EU Long Haul First from €2,250/£1,911pp & Business from €1,250/£1,062pp

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Lufthansa Group’s excellent companion fares out of the UK in First and Business unfortunately ended yesterday and once again, the prices to fly in luxury from the UK are extortionate! But worry not, as there is a selection of Ex-EU fares taking you across the globe that still offer good value. Read on to find out more!

Explore Sao Paul from €2,250pp in First or €1,250pp in Business!

The Facts

What: Companion sale (must be booking a ticket for 2-6 people) in First and Business Class from Spain and Portugal on flights operated by Lufthansa and SWISS.

Availability: Certain travel dates from 11 Feb 2020 to 31 Jan 2021. Minimum stay 6 days and maximum 3 months. No stopovers, but unlimited transfers available. Open jaws permitted.

Book By: 24 Feb 2020

The How

At the moment, the offer page is only on SWISS, but you can mix and match flights across Lufthansa and SWISS. You can select the destination to find dates where the offer is valid, or try Google Flights. Note that not all destinations seem to be shown on the offer page, so it is worth searching for where you would like to travel just in case.

  • First fares from Barcelona here
  • Business fares from Barcelona here
  • First fares from Lisbon here
  • Business fares from Lisbon here

Top Picks

There are some good fares to lots of different destinations in First and Business:

First Class

  • Sao Paulo & Nairobi from Lisbon: €2,250/£1,911pp
  • Bogata from Barcelona: €2,250/£1,911pp
  • Johannesburg & Buenos Aires from Barcelona & Lisbon: €2,500/£2,128pp
  • Hong Kong from Barcelona: €2,250/£1,911pp (not on the offer page)
  • Singapore and Bangkok from Barcelona: €2,500/£1,911pp (not on the offer page)

Business Class

  • Bogata from Lisbon: €1,250/£1,062pp
  • Sao Paulo and Nairobi from Barcelona: €1,250/£1,062pp
  • Tel Aviv from Lisbon: €400/£340pp (at best only half journey is in life flat seat)

Need Help?

If you would like help finding fares in the sale, contact me by email or Instagram and I’d be happy to help!

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