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Offer: Four Etihad First Class flights for just over £2,200!

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In two weeks I am flying a rather extensive itinerary, taking me through Stockholm, Munich, Abu Dhabi and Seoul, all in the space of one week! That’s a lot of flying, but doing all the long haul segments in Etihad First Class, three of them in their huge Etihad Apartment, should soften the blow nicely!

And the good news is, if you are up for a pretty full-on itinerary, you can book it too and experience Etihad First Class FOUR TIMES for around £2,200. For context, London to Seoul in Etihad First Class is £5,600 and above!

The Facts

What: Etihad First Class limited-time special fares from Stockholm or Oslo to Seoul or Singapore. This article focuses on the cheapest itinerary as of Oct 19, which is Stockholm to Seoul in South Korea.

Offer: It is not a set sale as such but these fares offer great value in the world’s second-best First Class seat (Skytrax, 2019). Some routes allow you to experience the Etihad Apartment, which is fully enclosed and has a separate seat and bed! Again, Stockholm to Seoul maximises legs in an Apartment.

Availability: Travel on or before 31 March 2020, with a minimum trip of 3 nights. Unlimited transfers and 2 free stopovers (1 in each direction) allowed. This article builds in an Abu Dhabi stopover.

Book By: 16 October 2019

The How

You will need to book and fly from either Stockholm or Oslo. You will, therefore, need to position yourself there first, but there should be plenty of cheap flights from the UK. All flights route through Abu Dhabi with the option to stopover.

You can find fares using Etihad’s Multi-City search, or Google Flights, going from Stockholm or Oslo to Abu Dhabi and then onto Seoul or Singapore.


My itinerary is as follows and cost me just over £2,300. Note fares are available from £2,200 if flexible on dates.

  • 22 Oct 6am Stockholm Arlanda to Munich Franz Josef 8:10am in Lufthansa Business Class
    I chose this so that I can experience the Lufthansa lounge at Munich, which looks far better than the Etihad lounge in London!
  • 22 Oct 12:10pm Munich to Abu Dhabi 8:15pm in Etihad First Class
    The majority of the itineraries route through European cities in Business Class, so be sure to check! This one, although not in the Apartment, ensures I will be in First Class and will allow me to compare with the Boeing 777.
  • 24 Oct 10:00pm Abu Dhabi to Seoul Incheon 25 Oct 11:35am in Etihad First Class
    I chose this because I want to see Seoul and because Etihad fly the A380 First Class Apartments between Abu Dhabi and Seoul! The offer is also available to Singapore, but you will not get the Apartment.
  • 29 Oct 12:15am Seoul to Abu Dhabi to Abu Dhabi 5:50am in Etihad First Class
  • 29 Oct 08:05am Abu Dhabi to London Heathrow 12:00pm in Etihad First Class
    Etihad also fly the Apartment between Abu Dhabi and London!
  • 29 Oct 1:55pm London to Stockholm Arlanda 5:30pm
    Yep, I have to go through London and complete in Stockholm! But it cuts the price by more than half!

Maximum Extravagance, Minimum Cost

Here are some tips to get an itinerary like mine:

How to Get the Etihad Apartment

Etihad have their First Class Apartment on A380s only. If you do not see an A380 in your itinerary, you won’t be in an Apartment! Within this offer, Etihad fly the A380 between London and Abu Dhabi and Abu Dhabi and Seoul, so try routing through London Heathrow.

How to Get First Class on Every Long Haul Leg

The Etihad website will try and force your Europe – Abu Dhabi legs into Business Class, when you can pay the same price for First! Avoid this by checking all legs (don’t worry about from/to Stockholm/Oslo which will always be Business). Try using a tool such as Google Flights to find First Class routes, forcing your connection through either Munich, London or Paris.

I found my itinerary on Google, but had to call to book, as their website did not recognise it! If you have to call, make sure to ask that they waive the £20 booking fee, as you did try to book online.

Book a 5 star Abu Dhabi Stopover

I’ll be spending two nights in Abu Dhabi to recharge and to also make use of the 2 free nights in a 5 star hotel when travelling First (you get 1 night in Business). I’ll be staying at the St Regis Abu Dhabi, which I am very excited about. You can factor in a stopover by building your itinerary as a multi-city trip, stopping in Abu Dhabi. It will not increase the cost of your route at all! Once you have booked your ticket, you can book your free stopover here.

Book a Free Etihad Chauffer

If stopping over in Abu Dhabi, make sure to book a free chauffeur from / to the airport, using this form.

Need Help?

If you would like help building an Etihad itinerary like me, contact me and I’d be happy to help!

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