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How we get our luxury for less.

Guide: Find Huge Savings on First and Business Class with Package Fares

Today's guide looks at how packaging up a flight, even when you may not really need a hotel or a car, can bring big savings to premium flight fares! I personally used this technique in 2018, flying United Airlines in Business from London to Chicago with 3 nights in a hotel for £1,400. At the time you couldn't even get a flight for below £2,000!

Guide: Fly First Class Cheaper by Going Ex-EU

I am currently sat in the British Airways Galleries Lounge South in Heathrow Terminal 5, waiting for my flight to Stockholm. I'm not holidaying in Stockholm, I'm just going there for a night so that tomorrow I can fly Etihad First Class for less than half the price I would have paid going from London. And that brings me to this guide - making First Class more...