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Offer: Black Friday Luxury Travel Deals 2019

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Black Friday is here! This post will remain on the front page of the blog and be updated regularly, through to Cyber Monday with offers as I find them. Note that the offers only cover luxury UK Black Friday Deals, departing from whichever city in the UK is cheapest.

But is a Black Friday deal really a good deal? I’ll also rate each offer:

Amazing: The price(s) under the deal are lower than even the bottom of the range you typically see these fares.
Great: The price(s) under the deal represents the best value you typically see these fares.
Good: The price(s) under the deal represents the lower end of the range you typically see these fares.
Meh: The price(s) under the deal is little better than average for these fares.

British Airways

British Airways have launched a Black Friday Sale (called the Black and White Sale) from 29th November – 3 December. It’s pretty underwhelming with nothing specifically for First Class at all. However, you can combine the offers with some pretty decent fares on at the moment anyway to get an okay deal. If you were going to book anyway, you may as well book this weekend.

£100 off package bookings over £2,500 and £50 off bookings over £1,250

Rating: Good

You can combine this offer with some already decent first-class fares to get £100 off the total package.

  • Nashville: From £1,998pp (e.g. from LHR 6th – 14th April 2020). You could add on the Omni hotel for the duration of the stay and get £100 off, bringing a package booking up to £2,935pp (based on 2 adults sharing). For comparison, the same package in the same hotel is £3,298pp on Expedia. It says you can have a package with just 1 day car rental, but I couldn’t get the discount to apply when I just added on a car for 1 day at £60.
  • Chicago: From £2,096pp (e.g. from LHR 6th – 14th April 2020) then add on a hotel or car.

£200 off package bookings of 14 nights or more at all-inclusive AM Resorts in Cancun or the Dominican Republic

Rating: Good

Again, if you were planning to book this anyway, you may as well now. You will get £200 off if you stay 14+ nights, £150 off for 10-13 and £100 for 7-9.

You can build a package with a Business or First Class flight. What makes the offer better, is that this offer doubles up with the above offer to actually give you £300 off (if staying 14 nights and spending at least £2,500 total).

You can tell if a hotel is AM Resorts by the weekend discount in red. Or, AM Resorts are the following brands of properties: Zoëtry, Secrets, Breathless, Dreams, Now, Reflect, Sunscape.

Club World Sale Fares: E.g. Nashville From £1,595pp

Rating: Meh

There are some Club World (Business) fares in the sale, but starting around £1,500, they aren’t really great. For example, Nashville is £1,595pp, but you can often get First Class for around £1,900. Some sample non-stop fares are below. My picks would be San Francisco for the distance, or New York for the new cabin (make sure you are on an A350).

  • Nashville for £1,595 (flying from LHR 23rd Dec – 7th Jan)
  • Chicago for £1,641 (flying from LHR 23rd Dec – 7th Jan)
  • Toronto for £1,522 (flying from LHR 28th May – 10th Jun)
  • New York for £1,441 (flying from LHR 23rd Dec – 7th Jan)
  • San Francisco for £1,577 (flying from LHR 28th May – 10th Jun)

Club Europe Companion Fares

Rating: Good

Finally, there are Club Europe (short-haul Business Class) companion fares (two adults travelling together) on sale for around £200pp depending on where you choose. Given I had to pay over £400 to get to Stockholm at Peak in Club Europe, these are pretty good, but not out of this world, fares.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin is unlocking a new Black Friday deal every day from 25 November to 2 December. The Virgin Black Friday Deals Page is here. So far, each deal as it is released is valid through to 2 December, which suggests that the later the deal is posted, the better it will be!

29 Nov: Save Up To £100 off Upper Class flight from the UK to US East Cost

Rating: Great

This is a good opportunity to book Virgin’s new Upper Class suite at a very decent price! The most cost-effective route is to fly to Boston, via JFK for £929. Make sure you select routes via JFK on the A350 to get the new suite. There is availability at this price from 27 Feb to 30 Mar 2020.

If you want to fly non-stop just to New York, I suggest you book with Air France on their Black Friday deal instead, you can do both legs in the A350 for £1,507 (example dates of 23rd to 30th June also works).

28 Nov: No Upper Class fares on sale

27: Nov: Save up to £100 off Upper Class flights from the UK to US West Coast

Rating: Good

The prices advertised on the sale page itself are pretty rubbish (Seattle is showing at over £2k) but actually when you start searching the fares are low. It isn’t clear if this is the Black Friday deal itself, or for other reasons, so I don’t know how long they will be like this.

Note that as it stands Virgin only fly the A350 (with the new Upper Class suites) to New York. But they will be flying select flights to LA from April 2020 and San Francisco from May 2020 in the new suite. Some of these flights are showing as the new aircraft, so if they still to their schedule, you could be in luck!

Upper Class offers (note you won’t see these on the sale page, but click on the destination for cheaper prices!):

  • Seattle: from £1,539pp (from LHR 27th May – 3rd Jun 2020, availability in May, June, September and October 2020)
  • LA: from £1,577pp (from LHR 27th May – 3rd Jun 2020, availability in May, June, September and October 2020)
  • Los Angeles: from £1,787pp (from LHR 27th May – 3rd Jun 2020, availability in May, June, September and October 2020)
  • Las Vegas: from £1,877pp (from LHR 3rd – 10th Jun 2020, limited availability in June and September 2020)

26: Nov: Save up to £50 off flights from the UK to Asia (including Upper Class)

Rating: Meh

£50 off Economy may save a decent %, but off Upper Class, it’s not even making a dent in the price! That said, prices are ‘low’ at the moment generally for Virgin to Asia, but I’d rather fly Lufthansa or Swiss First Class for cheaper!

Upper Class offers:

  • Shanghai: from £1,972pp (from LHR 21st – 29th Jan 2020, availability from December 2019)
  • Hong Kong: from £2,643pp (from LHR 11th – 18th Feb 2020, availability from January 2020)

25 Nov: Save up to 20% off flights from the UK to the Carribean (including Upper Class)

Rating: Meh

You are still looking at £1,800+ for business class (not in the new Virgin suite either), and although you are saving just shy of £500 compared to fares Jan – Mar 2020, the fares are still fairly typical to what you can get if you book well in advance.

Upper Class offers:

  • Bridgetown Barbados: from £1,883pp (from LGW 8th-15th Sep 2020, availability from April 2020)
  • Antigua: from £1,860pp (from LGW 12th-19th May 2020, availability from May)


Save £25 off flights

Rating: Meh

I mean, if you were going to book the Lufthansa Group (Lufthansa, SWISS and Austrian) then you may as well book this weekend and save £25 with this code: ZB9AIJTCD31C. The code is valid until 11:59pm on 2 Dec. The amazing First Class fares to Asia at around £1,500pp are still valid, meaning you can knock down a great deal a little bit further.


Business Class sale fares to Asia under £1,500

Rating: Meh

There are some semi-decent Finnair Business Class fares to Asia. I wouldn’t hop on this deal, especially as you can travel First Class in Lufthansa or Swiss for nearly the same price. But if you really want the convenience of travelling on one ticket from London then maybe it works for you.

  • Xi’an: from £1,303 (e.g. from LHR 22nd – 29th Apr 2020)
  • Beijing: from £1,492 (e.g. from LHR 9th – 16th Jan 2020, loads of availability)
  • Guangzhou: from £1,469 (e.g. from LHR 5th – 12th May 2020)
  • Shanghai: from £1,496 (e.g. from LHR 5th – 12th May 2020)

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