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About Flashpacker Max

What is a ‘Flashpacker’?

Someone who travels the world, hopping from city to city, but with the budget that allows more comforts than traditional backpacking.

That is how my journey started, in 2017, when I set off around the world. I wanted to soak up cultures and hang out with the locals, but did not want to go back to a dorm room with 12 other people trying to sleep. And so I Flashpacked my way around the United States, Caribbean, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa. Planning the optimal route from city to city and booking ahead with private rooms and AirBnbs, I was able to maximize the luxury of my travels, whilst keeping costs reasonable.

Max enjoying her private treehouse balcony in Bali, 2018.

Since then, my travel addiction only continues to grow, and my love for all things luxury along with it. My first Business Class experience was with United Airlines in 2018 when I discovered that it’s possible to enjoy every stage of a trip! From the champagne at the lounge, to ordering my three course meal choices when boarding the plane and finally taking a shower at measure during my connection. The experience changed everything! My quest now is to maximize the comfort, novelty and sometimes pure extravagance of all my travel experiences, but not to feel short-changed or wasteful.

And so Flashpacker Max was created! A blog of my luxury travel experiences, review, tips and deals. Because not everything marketed as luxury is really worth the price tag, at least not the one they try to get you to pay. Subscribe on the right to get the best deals in your inbox, alongside advice on what to avoid.